Welcome to B.E.S.T Sports USA

We will be starting your players sports class session soon and we are happy you joined us for you child’s Sports Training Class! Many questions may come up before a session so we figured we would create this page to help answer those questions and get you ready to play. I would keep this somewhere safe so you can refer to it throughout your session with B.E.S.T.


  • Check your City registration for your session dates
  • Please make sure your information in their system is up to date
  • You registered with the City so please be familiar with their policies
  • Have questions about anything financial – please call where you registered
  • Weather related issues?  Looking for a Clear Schedule? Need Directions? See Below.
  • Lastly – we are NOT a drop-off program. We are NOT responsible for your child should you not remain on premise. Should you leave your child without Parent or Guardian supervision, your child will not be permitted to participate and authorities may be called to oversee your child’s wellbeing.
  • Should you drop off your Child and then be late for pick up you will be charged $5 a minute payable via Venmo @BESTSPORTS by the Wednesday prior to the next class or a request to the City P+R for your Child’s removal without compensation will be made.

What To Expect

From the first day you will be introduced to your Coach. So don’t be shy, bring your little ones a little early the first day to say hello. This is a great time to tell the Coach a little about your kid and if you want to push your kiddo or just have fun in the class.

Your class is a 45 minute class broken up into Warm-ups, Skills and activities. Water breaks will be taken throughout and tons of fun will be facilitated.

You will see our staff has a lot of equipment to facilitate the learning. But what is missing? The ball or hitting T’s and Bats. At Beginners Edge Sports Training we do require the parents to bring age appropriate equipment such as soccer ball, baseball hitting T/bat, basketball, football, volleyball etc. Simple reason is your kiddo needs to be able to practice what they learned at home. Cost and quality is not a real factor in most cases. Example: Use a Road Cone for a hitting T – it will never break.

ALL CLASSES  -are parent facilitated classes meaning the Coach could ask at anytime for you to partner with your child so be ready. This maximizes repetitions and allows our coach to help each child proper technique

ALL under 4 Classes are PARENT PARTICIPATION classes:
But only one helper per child!  We don’t want to clutter the field – all other family members should stay to the side.

What To Bring


Bring a soccer ball.

  • Under 3 Size 1
  • 3 Years – 5 years Size 2
  • 5 Years- 8 years Size 3
  • 8+ Size 4 or larger


Bring a Hitting T and Bat. B.E.S.T. will supply balls for hitting and throwing.

What Type of Hitting T? Anything you want to afford. They all break. Kids destroy things – it is in their nature; you just have to decide how much do you want to spend to replace it. See Amazon for MANY price choices. Yes, Little Tykes is fine.


Bring a Basketball

What Type of Basketball? Anything but not a mini! You know the ones the size of a slightly larger Softball. Nothing Smaller than 7”. A Junior Basketball 25.5” is great for 5+. Then as your kids get older look to move to 27.5+


Bring a Foam Football

Bring a Foam Football that is most comfortable for your kiddo to use and train with!


No equipment needed when participating in your track class! The coach will provide all equipment necessary to run class.


Bring a Kneepads

Your child should come to class wearing kneepads that they are comfortable playing in. The coach will provide volleyballs to run the class!


Equipment depends on which sport your kiddo is participating in each week, please see the specific sport needs above! Find information on how to find your class schedule below to know which sport you will participate in each week.

Multi-sport classes will ALWAYS start with a soccer class! Find your location’s schedule to know the exact dates you will train for each sport and how many different sports your class will be covering.


Bring a Racket

The following chart outlines the approximate racquet length that is appropriate for kids of a certain age and height, this is a good start.

Age Height Racquet Length
4 years or younger 40 inches or shorter 19 inches
4-5 years 40-44 inches 21 inches
6-8 years 45-49 inches 23 inches
9-10 years 50-55 inches 25 inches
10 or older 55 inches or taller 26 inches


Bring a pickleball paddle

What Type of paddle?

Since this is all for beginners you do not have to spend a lot. 5 Below may have one, Amazon has hundreds of all types. You can spend a lot of a little. Once you become more serious things like material, grip, weight, construction and face material and shape will all be factors. For now, anything your player finds that they say COOL to will work.

What is the address of my class / Where is my class located at the park?

Please see our Directions Page links below, find your location then click on the appropriate option to find more information: clicking on ‘Site Map’ shows you approximately where our coach will set up and clicking on ‘Directions’ will lead you to the exact address on Google Maps to successfully lead you to your correct location!

PLEASE NOTE – this can change based on activities or directions provided by the city SO, if you do not see our coach – please walk around a bit before calling 623-748-9453 (AZ) or 714-874-4737 (CA).

AZ – https://thebestinaz.com/directions/
CA – https://bestsportsca.com/directions/
TX – https://bestsportstx.com/directions/

To find your schedule (See links below)

Just find your City on the Map (CA or AZ).

Click the “B”, THEN click the Pop-up and you will see the dates, locations, and times of your location.

Arizona Schedules – https://thebestinaz.com/register-2/
California Schedules – https://bestsportsca.com/register/
Texas Schedules- https://bestsportstx.com/register/

What if there is a CHANCE of rains?

Meaning that it could rain later, or it may have rained earlier?

We will update our rain weather page on our website. Please read the page as it gives details on how we handle it which is approved by any and all Cities er partner with. See links for each state below:

AZ: https://thebestinaz.com/weather/
CA: https://bestsportsca.com/weather/
TX: https://bestsportstx.com/weather/

We will NOT be calling or emailing.

We will then follow up the next week with a game plan on how it will be handled, i.e. refund, make up class, extending the session. **Please note that resolution is up to the CITY you registered through.**

Make-Up Classes

REGISTERED for a BEST Class THROUGH A CITY Parks and Recreation:

Please see your specific City Policies. Most City Parks and Rec programs do not allow make up classes due to Insurance and Liability issues. Beginners Edge Sports Training is a Contract Program and follows and abides by all City Parks and Rec rules that were agreed to upon your registration. In a nutshell, the rule typically is, if you miss it, you miss it, but always check with your Park and Rec Center or Registration form for a more “official” answer.


We do schedule make up classes based on availability.
We permit up to two make-up classes that must be taken within the session you are enrolled in.
Missed classes have NO $ value and are not creditable.
You can schedule a makup class AFTER the 1st week of the session.

What if I want to switch classes (for any reason)?

Feel free to give us a call and we can assist with that for classes registered through BEST directly.
Registered through a City for BEST program? You should call the City directly.
If you have a special circumstance, then call us first and we can do our BEST to assist.

Feedback, Comments, Questions. Concerns, Praise. Who can I contact?

Email: info@best-sports-usa.com